DDOS Protection

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Our Distribution Denial of Service protection offers a comprehensive safeguard against one of the webs more serious types of attack.

DDOS protection is included as standard to all of our clients at no additional cost or setup.

Very similar to a DOS attack a DDOS attack will attack a specific service in an attempt to stop genuine traffic getting through. Where a DOS attack originates from a single IP address a DDOS attack will come from hundreds or even thousands of IP addresses which make it practically impossible to filter these requests without sophisticated software and hardware in place. In addition to the large number of IP addresses attacking they usually consume all available bandwidth and therefore impact other clients on the same network. Without DDOS protection a host would "black hole or null route" the traffic meaning other clients won't be impacted but the target site remains offline.

Here are GoCreations we take a different approach to ensure no one is impacted and customers can continue to use their website even during an attack. We do this by filtering the attack traffic further up the network and removing the malicious requests while allowing genuine traffic to get through. Once attackers see the target is protected they normally give up and target a weaker website.

Our system is extremely effective and can handle multi gigbit attacks absorbing the large amount of attacker traffic while leaving your website online unaffected.