Web Hosting

Our Hosting Services

We offer a multitude of web hosting services from a single shared hosting account to a complex, load balanced, fully redundent hosting platform. Our customers range from hobbyist bloggers to multimillion pound ecommerce businesses.

What hosting service is right for you?
  • Shared Hosting

    A shared hosting service is a cost effective solution for hobbyists wanting to host their blog or a small ecommerce seller starting out. A shared hosting service includes all you need to get your website online without breaking the bank. Shared hosting customers share the servers resources, meaning that the service isn't quite as reliable as a VPS or Dedicated server because any other user on the same server can potentially affect others on the same server.
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  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)

    Our VPS servers are the most cost effective hosting solution for customers wanting a secure and protected hosting environment without the expense of a dedicated server. A VPS server is allocated specific amounts of the servers resources and these resources are guaranteed, (unlike in a shared hosting environment) so you can always be sure that no other customers can impact your server in any way.
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  • Dedicated Server

    A dedicated server is exactly as the name implies. It is a physical server and all of its hardware is dedicated to you. This means you have full use of all the available Disk Space, RAM and CPU's on the server. A dedicated server can also be customised to give you a bespoke platform suited to your requirements. For example, some clients host their own videos and therefore need lots of disk space, whereas others may need lots of RAM. With a dedicated server you have the ability to specify what resources are required for your business.
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  • Custom Servers

    Sometimes an off the shelf setup is not quite right for your business. When this is the case we will discuss the various options available to ensure you get exactly the right setup you need. If uptime is mission critical to your business then our fully redundant load balanced system might be the best option. This consists of 2 web servers, which serve web requests in a load balanced setup, but if one fails the other can automatically carry on without any impact to your site. If your business requires redundent database services then this can be implemented too. Contact us for a more detailed discussion on what we can do for you and your business.
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