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Our virus protection system protects your website in realtime ensuring malicious code cannot penetrate your site.

A virus can serve as a backdoor for an attacker and allows them unrestricted access to your site.

A website virus is very different to a virus targeted at a PC. Because a website is always connected to the internet the virus in some cases becomes part of a distributed army of bots. These bots can then be utilised to attack other websites. A virus can get into your website if the software running on your site has a vulnerability or has been badly written. Once in, a hacker will upload so called "back doors" on to your site to ensure they can get back in even afer you have removed any infected scripts from your site.


To ensure the best protection for our customers we run realtime virus scanning which is looking for specific fingerprints within web code that could cause harm to your site. If our system detects a malicious script it will automatically and immediately quarantine the script to ensure it can't be run. An alert is then sent to the site owner informing them of the compromise so they can ensure whatever vulnerability is present can be fixed.

Our system is constantly looking for malicious programs being uploaded using FTP or via an upload script on your site, every file uploaded is scanned for malicious content. In addition to the realtime scan an overnight comprehensive scan is run which detects out of date software, suspicious looking files and any script permission problems.

As a responsible web hosting provider, the last thing we want is a site on our network to become compromised and then be used to attack other sites on the internet.