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About Our Hosting Facilities

At GoCreations we strive for 100% uptime for our customers, so at the very design stage we ensure there is no single point of failure that would impact you. Below you will find details about our data centre where redundency is built in to ensure the best possible service.

We strive for 100% uptime for all of our customers
  • Our Network

  • At GoCreations we offer our customers a superior network infrastructure with redundency at the forefront of the design process. Our powerful network features truly diverse paths from your server to the internet. In the event of a failure on any part of our network the backup network will come online and seemlessly take over duties with no impact to service or speed.
  • Resilient Power

  • Our superior network would be pointless if a power failure left all servers offline. This is why all of our servers and network infrastructure are powered from two completely independent power sources. In the event of a power failure our Automatic Transfer Switch will seemlessly switch power to the secondary source without any interuptions to service. In addition, most of our servers also have dual power supplies ensuring guaranteed continuous power delivery.

Our Data Centre

  • True 2N UPS dual path resilience
  • Automatically activated diesel generators
  • Fully UPS backed cooling
  • Triple Network Power grid feeds
  • Redundant 10G Tier 1 fibre paths
  • Advanced fire detection
  • Private locked server racks
  • Manned 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Onsite technical staff 24 hours a day
  • Unescorted 24/7/365 access
  • Multi-layered CCTV security

For more information about our data centre facilities please visit our providers site: Custodian Data Centres